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Common Questions about 100% Mongolian Cashmere Part 2

Common Questions about 100% Mongolian Cashmere Part 2

We know exactly what you’re thinking. I have so many more questions about cashmere! That’s great! But we also hoped that it left you with even more questions about it. Let’s shed a bit more light on why cashmere is so special, and why you should add it to your wardrobe!

You asked, and we heard you! There is more to learn about the investment and quality control of 100% Mongolian cashmere. We hope that our first post gave you some insight into why cashmere is so special. We consulted with Uyanga, our Founder, to answer some more of the brilliant questions you had.

Why is 100 % Mongolian Cashmere so Expensive?

There are quite a few reasons cashmere is such an expensive product to buy. The most significant of those reasons comes down to scarcity. We can only produce cashmere wool in the coldest of climates. Locations such as the Himalayas and Mongolia offer the ideal winter climate that allows the cashmere goats to grow exceptionally thick undercoats to protect themselves from the blistering cold. The change of seasons only allowed for the goats to produce this undercoat during this time of year. 

Limited production of 100% Mongolian Cashmere creates additional barriers. A cashmere goat, on average, will only produce about 200 grams of cashmere wool each year. This is negligible to that of sheep, who produce about 3 kilograms of wool yearly.

Finally, the amount of usable cashmere is about half of what we harvest once the wool is cleaned and processed. The fibers are incredibly delicate in this stage, and it does not take much to damage them. 

How is the quality of 100% Mongolian Cashmere Measured?

Cashmere, like everything else worth having, is graded based on its quality. Normally the thinner the cashmere is, the finer and higher quality it will be. High-quality cashmere is usually around 14 microns thin! The requirements for each grade are: 

Grade A: 14-15.5 microns

Grade B: 16-19 microns

Grade C: 30 microns

(Yavar offers 100% Mongolian Cashmere at about 15 microns thin, in case you were wondering!)

To give you a bit of context, human hair is roughly between 75-100 microns! Cashmere is significantly thinner than our own hair. If you’ve ever felt a cashmere product, you definitely know the difference! Cashmere is becoming more available, and you’ll likely find cashmere products in some of your favorite stores.

Advice in Sourcing Quality Cashmere

As cashmere products become more popular, there is a noticeable decrease in quality. We encourage you to make an informed decision about your purchase to ensure you are making a worthy investment. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find the perfect cashmere pieces: 

1) Read the Label: Many of these stores sell cashmere products that are often a blend with other materials but get marketed as being pure cashmere. Most 100% cashmere products will have their grade listed on the label, so you know what you’re getting!

2) The Stretch Test: you can also make sure the cashmere you are buying is a good quality by the stretch test. Good quality cashmere will keep its shape after a bit of stretch. If it cannot hold its shape, that is definitely a red flag about its quality!

3) Softness Test: People assume that the softer a piece of clothing, the higher quality it is! This is actually really misleading! Cashmere clothing that is incredibly soft is also a sign of over-washing. Cashmere is a very soft textile. But it becomes softer as it gets used and washed naturally. If the cashmere piece you are considering feels extremely soft, it could be a sign of heavy washing, which could lead to a shorter life-span of the fibres. 

100% Mongolian Cashmere is a Valuable Luxury

We hope this information gave you a little more insight into value and delicate process of manufacturing. At Yavar, we can guarantee that our Mongolian artisans provide us with the best quality of cashmere. 

Come check out our store to find your perfect outfit today!


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