The Must have Autumn Accessory!

The Must have Autumn Accessory!

Autumn is Cashmere Season!

In the famous words of Ned Stark- Winter is coming… But seriously, we’ve still got to deal with Autumn first! It’s always sad to realize that summer is slowly ending. Soon enough the pools will be closed, beaches will be empty, and our beloved summer styles will go away. As sad as we are to see these things, we are also incredibly excited for Autumn for so many reasons like: the changes colours of the leaves, pumpkin spice season, and cozy campfires! It’s also the perfect time to break out our fashionable fall styles and cozy wear! We've got the perfect autumn accessories for you! 

It’s time to think about all the great fashion pieces you’ll get to show off this fall. Fall fashion is so great in Canada, but we can’t help but notice that it can also be tricky to put together a good ensemble that is stunning and comfortable! For example, colder season clothing is usually bulky so you can stay warm. If it isn’t bulky, then you may have to wear a few layers (which is never really that comfortable). I know I’ve opted to not wear my hoodie sweater before because it doesn’t feel nice in a jacket! But what if I told you that you could have the fashion and the comfort without having to sacrifice either? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Then keep reading to find out how this can be a reality!

The Cashmere Shawl- The Perfect Autumn Accessory!

            Cashmere is such a magical fiber to use in clothing. It’s one of the softest materials on the planet. It is also a lot warmer than other fibers like cotton or wool while being very light (You can find out more about the fiber in our blog post here). These qualities make our cashmere shawls the perfect accessory for your fall fashion! It is unbelievably thin and light, so it will never feel too cumbersome. It rests so gently on you that you’ll forget you have it! Yet you’ll know it is still there because of how warm you will be! Cashmere is typically about 8 times warmer than other types of wool. It is also much more breathable, so you are less likely to overheat! You’ll never feel that Autumn chill! It is so versatile that it can be worn as a headscarf or shawl, or it can be used as a beautiful blanket for when you're seated! 

            In addition, our cashmere products are all 100% organic and sustainable! Our shawls do not carry any blends of fabrics and we source them directly from Mongolian herders who use traditional practices in raising and harvesting the goats for their cashmere. Our products are certified as being sustainably and ethically sourced. So you can be confident knowing you are making a responsible purchase that will also direct help the artisans and herders who helped to create this wonderful piece that will keep you warm, cozy, and fashionable for years to come!

Buy yours today! 

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