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100% Mongolian Cashmere Beret

100% Mongolian Cashmere Beret

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100% Mongolian Cashmere Beret

From the hands of Mongolian artisans: a classic 100% Mongolian cashmere beret to complement your wardrobe. Not only luxuriously soft but also light with a minimalist modern design for versatile tastes. 

Surprisingly form fitting like a gentle hug to the head, the texture and breathability of cashmere provides maximum comfort all year round! Therefore, you can enjoy a timeless European style anytime, anywhere with this cashmere beret!

With this in mind, it is best appreciated during the cooler seasons for its unstoppable warmth, however, this beret will keep you cozy and fashionable while outdoors on cool summer nights or on chilly Autumn hikes.


  • 100% Mongolian Cashmere Beret 
  • Crafted by Gobi Gazar, directly from Mongolia
  • Luxuriously soft, light & warm
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Sustainably and ethically sourced Mongolian Cashmere

Caring for your Cashmere

Visit our blog to learn more about how our cashmere has been crafted, and how to best care for your investment towards a sustainable wardrobe. 

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