Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Mongolian Cashmere Herder

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Mongolian Cashmere Herder

Welcome to the enchanting world of Mongolian cashmere herders, where tradition, resilience, and a deep connection to nature converge to create one of the world's most coveted fibres. In this biographical glimpse, we will follow the daily life and practices of these hardworking individuals, shedding light on their vital role in the cashmere industry.

A Life on the Move

The day of a Mongolian cashmere herder begins at the break of dawn. Rising before the sun, they embark on a journey to tend to their precious flock of cashmere goats. Their daily routine revolves around the well-being of these furry companions, and the relationship between herder and animal is at the heart of their labor. 

The herders' connection to the natural world is profound. They possess an acute understanding of the land and the goats, attuned to the changing seasons and the behavior of their flock. This bond with nature allows them to make informed decisions, ensuring the sustainable management of the pastures and the well-being of the goats.

In the vast expanse of the Mongolian steppe, the herders diligently guide their goats to lush grazing pastures. Using education and planned grazing patterns with the assistance of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, herders are better able to ensure their grazing pastures have a chance to rejuvenate and provide excellent nourishment to the goats year round.This nomadic lifestyle, rooted in centuries-old tradition, revolves around providing the goats with fresh grazing grounds, ensuring their sustenance and preserving the health of the land.

Molting Season

The essence of Mongolian cashmere lies in the soft underbelly fibres of the cashmere goats, which they grow to protect themselves during harsh winters. It is during the molting season, typically in spring, that the cashmere herders skillfully collect this precious fleece as the goats shed their layer in preparation for the warmer weather.

The process of cashmere collection is an art that demands finesse and care. The herders gently comb the underbelly of the goats, separating the soft cashmere fibres from the coarser outer hair. This process cannot be rushed by shearing the goats as it damages the gentle fibres, destroying their softness. This delicate procedure ensures that the goats are not harmed and that the fibres remain of the highest quality.

Family and Community

The life of a cashmere herder is often a family affair. Generations of herders pass down their knowledge and skills, creating a seamless transfer of tradition from elders to the younger members of the family. This strong sense of community and familial ties is a cornerstone of their way of life.

Mongolian cashmere herding is not just an economic activity; it is a living cultural heritage. The practices and techniques they employ have been honed over generations, rooted in a deep respect for the land and its resources. As custodians of this heritage, the herders take immense pride in preserving their traditions.


From Pasture to Market

After the cashmere is collected, the herders meticulously sort and prepare it for the market. Mongolian cashmere's reputation for being one of the finest and softest fibress in the world has made it highly sought after in the global market.

One of the remarkable aspects of Mongolian cashmere herding is its sustainable nature. The herders' traditional practices prioritize the well-being of the land and the goats, leading to minimal impact on the environment. They adhere to ethical standards in their care for the animals, preserving both the quality of the cashmere and the ecological balance. At Yavar, we only partner with companies and herders who follow the strict guidelines of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, ensuring that sustainability and ethical care are followed in the process of harvesting cashmere.


As we peer into the world of Mongolian cashmere herders, we discover a tapestry of tradition, harmony with nature, and steadfast resilience. Their daily routines are a testament to the vital role they play in the cashmere industry, as keepers of tradition and guardians of sustainable practices.

The herders' life is not without challenges. Mongolia's extreme climate, characterized by harsh winters and arid summers, demands resilience and resourcefulness. To protect their goats during freezing temperatures, the herders take meticulous care, ensuring the survival of their flock in the face of adversity.

The next time you wrap yourself in the soft embrace of Mongolian cashmere, remember the skilled hands and rich cultural heritage behind this luxurious fibre. The herders' labor of love and their profound connection with nature make Mongolian cashmere not just a garment, but a tapestry of human ingenuity and reverence for the land.

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