The Art of Cashmere Production: From Nomadic Herders to Luxury Garments

The Art of Cashmere Production: From Nomadic Herders to Luxury Garments


In the rugged landscapes of Mongolia, a centuries-old artistry unfolds as nomadic herders tend to their prized goats. The result of this age-old tradition is the highly sought-after Mongolian cashmere. From the remote grasslands to the realm of luxury garments, the journey of cashmere production is a captivating tale of craftsmanship and cultural preservation. In this blog post, we embark on a fascinating exploration of the art of cashmere production, delving into the pivotal role of nomadic herders in preserving this precious tradition.

Mongolia's Nomadic Heritage - A Haven for Cashmere Production

The nomadic lifestyle has been ingrained in Mongolia's cultural fabric for centuries. Spanning vast expanses, these nomadic herders raise herds of goats, which are uniquely adapted to the harsh climate. These goats are renowned for producing the finest and softest undercoat- cashmere.

Nomadic herders have perfected the art of sustainable grazing, allowing their goats to roam freely in search of the most nutritious vegetation. This symbiotic relationship between the goats and the land ensures the preservation of the ecosystem and guarantees the highest quality cashmere fibres. Mongolian nomadic herders deeply value their connection with the land, leading to an eco-conscious approach to cashmere production. Their sustainable practices and commitment to ethical treatment of the goats ensure the longevity of this precious resource and support a more sustainable luxury industry.

The Annual Harvest - A Prized Bounty

As the frigid Mongolian winter sets in, the goats grow a luxurious undercoat to shield themselves from the cold. When spring arrives, the herders carefully collect this precious cashmere during the annual harvest, a labor of love that honours the goats' contribution to their livelihood. The process of obtaining cashmere fibres is delicate and time-intensive. Nomadic herders, often assisted by their families, hand-comb the goats to extract the fine undercoat without causing any harm. This method ensures that the fibres remain unblemished, preserving their unparalleled softness.

The Sorting Process - Nurturing the Essence of Cashmere

Once the cashmere is collected, it undergoes a meticulous sorting process. Skilled artisans separate the fibres by length, thickness, and colour, nurturing the essence of cashmere and ensuring only the highest quality makes its way to the next stage. The sorted fibres are then transformed into sumptuous cashmere yarn through a spinning process. This crucial step requires precision and expertise to maintain the integrity of the fibres, preserving their softness and warmth.

Hand-Weaving - From Tradition to Luxury Garments

In a seamless fusion of tradition and artistry, skilled craftsmen and women hand-weave the cashmere yarn into exquisite fabrics. Embodying Mongolian culture, these fabrics often feature intricate traditional patterns and designs, showcasing the nation's rich heritage. As the journey of cashmere production advances, the fibres make their way to designers and manufacturers worldwide. Mongolia's luxurious cashmere products grace the global runways, adorning discerning fashion enthusiasts with garments that embody both opulence and cultural significance.

Empowering Local Communities - The Impact of Cashmere Trade

By supporting Mongolian cashmere, consumers play a vital role in empowering local communities and preserving a time-honoured art. Each purchase from Mongolian cashmere producers nurtures the sustainable livelihood of nomadic herders and bolsters the preservation of their cherished cultural heritage. At Yavar, we believe in supporting these producers by giving them exposure to markets they may struggle to reach. All of the products in our store celebrate this rich tradition of Mongolian craftsmanship. 


The art of cashmere production is a magnificent tapestry woven with the threads of Mongolian culture, craftsmanship, and reverence for nature. The nomadic herders' dedication to sustainable practices and ethical treatment of their goats ensures the continuity of this tradition, passing down the legacy of cashmere production from generation to generation. By cherishing Mongolian cashmere, we celebrate not only the opulence of luxury but also the resilience of a culture deeply rooted in its traditions.

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