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100% Cashmere Socks (Ribbed)

100% Cashmere Socks (Ribbed)

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100% Cashmere Socks

Every caveman's dream: 100% cashmere socks. Now, the only way to climb the tallest, snowiest mountain or cozy up by a campfire. Crafted to last and protect your feet while doing so in style.

The durability of 100% cashmere socks guarantees longevity, while offering a timelessly modern & ribbed design to complement your every look. A guaranteed staple for your feet year-round. 

Complete your seasonal wardrobe by selecting one or many of our range of colors that best suits your style. 

Elevate your look by adding our Modern Beanie!


  •  100% Mongolian cashmere
  • Crafted by Gobi Gazar 
  • Luxuriously soft & Hypoallergenic
  • Ribbed pattern 
  • Available for men and women
Caring for your Cashmere
Visit our blog to learn more about how our cashmere has been crafted, and how to best care for your investment towards a sustainable wardrobe.

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The coziest socks you’ll ever own!😍

I bought a couple pairs of these socks, one for myself and another for my sister, and they are hands down the softest things I’ve ever worn, PLUS they’re so warm! I love wearing them around my house rather than a slipper. If you hate having cold feet, and love snuggly soft garments, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these!! 😍